BTW, you were wonderful at MoMonday.  I found out more about your journey.  The ladies I came with mentioned they were captivated by your story and would have listened to you for much longer. -Christine S.

Thanks for your book … really good … all the exercises made me pause and think. – Olev W.

Hello Peter,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I’ve been reading your book. I wished I could sit for an entire afternoon and just read it. However, that’s how I started my morning today.

I’m thoroughly riveted by your account of events.  As I mention in my FB post, this is what movies are made from.  So much has happened to you that most people probably wouldn’t believe that that much can happen to one family in their lifetime.  Absolutely unbelievable. Kathleen B.

I’ve just finished your book!

What an insightful view on life events. The book is definitely a revealing look into, as the title says, “adversity” and the personal challenges you have faced — and overcome.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and it definitely creates some thought provoking opportunities for introspection.
Well done. Thanks for writing it! Ray G.